Tuesday, October 16, 2012

kyushu day 2&3: kumamoto and aso

We went to Kumamoto castle first--doesn't it look impressive? The picture on the right is a view of Kumamoto from the top of the castle.

Then we went to the Hosokawa residence, which is a restored samurai house. Earlier this year, I visited samurai residences in Akita, which is up north, but most of those houses weren't open for visitors to walk through. The Hosokawa residence is though; I definitely recommend it!

There was a festival going on at night too that involved a lot of candles...not sure what it was for, but it was beautiful!

Day 3, we took the train to Mt Aso, which is an active volcano about an hour away from Kumamoto. The sad thing was they wouldn't let us near the crater because the volcano was showing signs of activity. Hence the sad face!

It's okay though; the scenery was beautiful!

As we walked through Aso town, a man in a pick up truck stopped us to give us tomatoes! I guess he knew we were tourists. Japanese people are so sweet! The tomato was delicious.

The last thing we did in Kumamoto was visit the Suizenji Gardens...it was amazing. The grounds were pretty extensive and the landscaping was really breathtaking.

Next up, Yakushima and Kagoshima!

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