Monday, October 22, 2012


I bought a hot plate at my school's bazaar because with winter coming, I knew I would make a lot of nabe, or hot pot food. Today I had a sukiyaki party with a friend! It was my first time to make sukiyaki, and luckily, my friend is Japanese, so she knew what she was doing.

The whites of leeks, cut into diagonal chunks
Tofu, cut into rectangles
Enoki mushroom (the long stringy ones)
Shiitake mushroom (the round ones)
Konnyaku (some kind of potato? not sure what this is, but it's some kind of starch substitute with no calories!) cut into rectangles. We slit the middle and twisted it through to make it pretty.
Napa cabbage, cut into chunks
Sliced beef
Raw egg to dip the ingredients into (you can do this in Japan because the eggs are fresh! I wouldn't want to do this in the States...)

Equal parts soy sauce and mirin (rice wine), add sugar to your taste, then add half the amount of water to dilute.

It's really easy and really fun. You cook as you eat. It was my first time to eat honest to goodness raw egg like that and it was really delicious.

Have you had sukiyaki before?

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  1. Never heard of sukiyaki before :$ but it looks delicious!