Friday, May 31, 2013

tokyo eats blog

One of my favorite blogs is Tokyo Eats, a guide to many of the hidden gems that span the huge city of Tokyo. Whenever I trek out to Tokyo, I check the blog to see if there are any places I should try that are in the vicinity of whatever part of Tokyo I happen to visit that day.

I took my sister to a bakery in Shibuya called Gontran Cherrier, recommended by Maki-san (the writer of Tokyo Eats), and it did not disappoint.

We picked out a bunch of things to try from sweet to savory. Everything was delicious, but standouts were a sun-dried tomato bread (bottom picture, bottom right), the croissant (bottom picture top right), and all the scones. A must eat if you're looking for a quick breakfast in Shibuya!

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