Tuesday, November 06, 2012

prepping for hibernation

Brought out my kotatsu the other day. A kotatsu is a table with several layers. The first is the table with a heater installed under it. A blanket is layered over it, then covered with a table top. The idea is that you can keep warm with your feet inside the table.

The crazy thing is, it really works! But you have to be careful to not fall asleep in that nice hazy comfortable heat. You may never wake up. Just kidding...kind of. Some of my friends have actually burned themselves after falling asleep because the heater is slowly, well, burning you under there.

It's interesting to see the things Japan has come up with to battle the cold. Kerosene heaters for one--I can't stand the smell of the gas, so I don't use one, but they really warm up a room! I am content with just using my kotatsu and my electric heater for now...

How are you preparing for winter?


  1. Ohh looks nice and warm! yup dug out the coat already lol

    1. it is! yeah, i already brought out my coats too haha.