Thursday, June 06, 2013

tsukiji fish market

Tsukiji is of course a must see if you're in Tokyo. It's one of the best places to get a fresh sushi breakfast!

We wandered into a little alley, where we saw a crowded sushi bar. Figuring that a crowd is always a good sign, we asked for seats, and they led us further into the alley to another sushi bar.

My sister got a nigiri set that included uni (sea urchin roe), three types of maguro (tuna), and ikura (fish roe).

I got a hitsumabushi. Now, I have had hitsumabushi in Nagoya, but it only had eel in it. You eat it three ways. First, plain like you see above.

Next, you mix in a sauce that the sushi chef gives you and eat it like that.

Last, the sushi chef gives you a special broth. It's piping hot, so it slightly cooks the fish, giving it an extra texture and a completely different feel. It's a really interesting concept, so definitely try it if you get the chance!

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