Monday, February 16, 2015

impulse buy: it cosmetics

I got a $25 discount code from It Cosmetics for filling out a survey recently, and I knew I wanted to purchase a brush from them, since I've heard so many good things about the quality about their brushes! Imagine my surprise when I was browsing their site today and found this:

Needless to say, I jumped on this--with my $25 discount, I paid roughly $10 for 7 brushes! I can't wait for these to come in and will let you know my thoughts after I've played with them.

Have you made any impulse buys recently?


  1. Even though it's an impulse buy, you still got a pretty great deal on it, I've heard some good things about some of the It Cosmetics brushes! My last impulse buy was the YSL Touche Eclat - my bank account is definitely weeping right now.

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

    1. I haven't tried the Touche Eclat, but I've heard good things! I think I'm willing to spend the money if it really works. :)